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Arati Devasher Painted Silks

Arati Devasher is a designer/maker specialising in hand painted silk. She creates individually designed accessories, painting and dyeing silk by hand at her studio in north London. Combining her Indian heritage of pattern and colour with a modern aesthetic, her designs feature repetitive pattern, and vibrant colours bring them to life.

From small beginnings on Etsy in 2014, the brand has grown to be known for one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Made to order designs for weddings and special occasions are Arati's speciality.

Arati lives and works in Finchley, London. Studio visits are by appointment only.


The Process

Every piece is individually designed and made by Arati herself. It begins its life as pure white china silk. Arati brushes on eco-friendly hot soy wax and dyes in multiple layers on painted silk pieces. The hand-dyed collections are made by brushing dye on to the precisely folded and clamped pieces of silk that create the geometric patterns of traditional Japanese tie-dye (shibori). You can follow Arati and learn more about her process on Instagram.

All the accessories are colour-fast 100% silk and can be hand-washed – they do not need to be dry-cleaned. Hand-sewn hems are a feature of the scarves and pocket squares, adding a touch of luxury. Everything is luxuriously packaged, ready to gift.

Arati's silk is currently sourced via British and EU suppliers from China (which is still the best producer of top quality silk). All dyes, wax, packaging, tools, office supplies and materials are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. Electricity and water use is kept to a minimum.