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"Ammonites" Fused Glass Hanging Panel

A fused and slumped glass panel featuring Ammonites. Supplied ready to hang either in the window or on a wall. Handmade in my Norfolk studio.
Manufacturer: Susan Purser Hope
SKU: Ammonites panel
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"Ammonites" is one of a series of fused hanging panels that I have developed. it is created from fused glass and is then slumped before being fitted with a brass hanging chain. It is inspired by the beautiful organic fossil forms found on the beach at Lyme Regis in Dorset. Finished glass panel size: 20cms wide x 40cms high + chain, ready to hang. 

This is a unique, one-off piece of original, handmade glass artwork.

My work highlights the beauty of glass and the way that it reflects colour, light and texture.

I work with glass elements in a cold state which I assemble and manipulate before firing and fusing them in a kiln.  The different types of glass that I use include sheet, frits, confetti, stringers and paint.

Please visit for more information about me, Susan Purser Hope, and my work

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