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"Mosaic" Nibbles Fused and Glass Dish - Blue

Unique, handmade nibbles or jewellery dish made in fused and slumped glass.
Manufacturer: Susan Purser Hope
SKU: Mosaic dish - blue
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A charming small dish for either nibbles or to hold your rings and earrrings.  Made in multi-coloured glass peices, it is dused and slumped to create a 10cm square dish.  It is unique, individually designed and handmade in my Norfolk studio. 

My work highlights the beauty of glass and the way it reflects colour, texture and light.

I work with glass elements in a cold state which I assemble and manipulate before firing and fusing together in a kiln.  The different types of glass that I use include sheet, frits, confetti, stringers and paint.

Please visit  for more information about me, Susan Purser Hope, and my work.