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"Circles and Triangles - Red" Fused and Slumped Glass Bowl

Unique, handmade statement bowl in fused and slumped glass.
Manufacturer: Susan Purser Hope
SKU: Circles Bowl - Red
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I am developing a range of small and large bowls that combine soft circular shapes in the body of the bowl with spikey triangular elements that sit on the edge.  The glass bowls and the individual elements of glass are fused and then slumped into a mould.  They are ideal for sweets, jewellery or just to look at!

 My work highlights the beauty of glass and the way it reflects colour, texture and light.

I work with glass elements in a cold state which I assemble and manipulate before firing and fusing them together in a kiln.  Making each brooch involves upto 10 stages and takes on average 3-4 days to complete.  The different types of glass that I use include sheet, frits, confetti, stringers and paint.

The bowl measures 17cms in diameter x 4cms high.

Please visit  for more  information about me, Susan Purser Hope, and my work.