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"Critter" ring

Opal bodied beetle with natural spinel and tiny diamond eyes, this unique hand-built ring is UK Hallmarked, 18ct yellow gold and one of a kind.
Seller: Janet Barber

"Each particle of matter is an immensity, each leaf a world, each insect an inexplicable compendium". Lavater

This quote from Lavater sums is up for me, I am blown away by nature and try as I might my jewellery creations are a dim reflection of the real thing.....still, I will keep trying to capture something of the beauty out there.

Many Critter to upload, please standby or email me at     for an update or sneek preview.

This little fellow is beset with a glorious Australian opal for his abdomen and a beautiful natural lilac/pink spinel for his thorax. Legs form a band to fit UK size 'R' (US size 59 approx) Size can be adjusted 2-3 sizes either way free of charge.

Hallmarked 18ct yellow gold. (Did you know that a UK hallmark is required by law for items sold in the UK, even if they were made abroad, (unless under the exempt lightness of weight), and that it is your guarantee of purity).