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Decorative Accessories

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Showery Pitter Patter Midnight Lampshade

A happy, sleepy, dreamy little lampshade in midnight tones. For people who dream big.

Kasse Bowl

The Kasse Bowl is a simple yet beautiful container that will hold a variety of small objects. Using a black and white acrylic insert, adding a smart detail that makes the product stand out in a crowd.


The Nelson chair has flowing lines throughout the design, from the sleigh legs through the seat and the arms, finishing with the back as one continuous shape.

Blue and Gold Garden Crewel Cushion

Blue and gold floral crewel cushion made from hand-embroidered fabric from Kashmir.

Handmade Luxurious Designer Rug in 'Summer Bloom - Vine' by Elaine Collins Designs

This sumptuous touch of this Designer handmade luxury short pile rug will add luxury to your home, thoughtfully designed in the Studio and lovingly handmade in London, UK to bring character to both wooden floors and plain carpets. , this is a gorgeous home furnishing or housewarming gift which is custom made specifically for you.

Aqua & Red Chevron Lampshade

These fabulous colour combinations make for really striking lampshade. We love the revival of chevrons and this gorgeous pattern has never been more relevant.

Cotton Candy Order & Chaos Lampshade

One of our most popular lampshades for good reason. The block colours among sketched designs work perfectly together.

Linea fused glass bowl

Handmade fused glass bowl with a lined pattern

Fabulous Foxes Lampshade

Fabulous Foxes indeed, make for a fun and quirky lampshade.

Sheep Lampshade

There’s no two ways about it, you’ll either love this lampshade or you’ll hate it. We’re in the love it camp.

Chloe Lollipop Lampshade

Best seen in the flesh in order to do this lampshade justice. These mint tones with a hint of raspberry look almost good enough to eat.

Moroccan Tiles Lampshade

Decoupage lampshade