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Ilda London

Ilda London began when I was recovering from a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013.  Once I was up and about, I was so keen to get my life back to "normal" that I barely thought about it again until I unceremoniously fell off my bicycle in October 2015 and broke my ankle rendering me housebound for 4 months.  As I slowly healed I had hours, days and months of looking at the same four walls and could bear it no longer, I had to do something.  And so Ilda London was borne.
My aim is to bring fun, glamorous and well priced jewellery and accessories to the market place.  I only stock items that I love, would wear or would give as a gift. As much as I love and adore "the real thing", I believe that good quality, fabulous and fun fakes can look just as good. After all, as long as they look great, why not?