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Pebbles Series of fused glass pendants - No 3

Unique, handmade statement pendant made in fused glass. Handmade in my Norfolk studio.
Manufacturer: Susan Purser Hope
SKU: Pebbles pendant 3

A wearable piece of art glass based on the pebble shapes that I find exploring the beaches of North Norfolk, where I live and work.  I then capture the extraordinary diversity of the colours of the sea, sky and landscape that surrounds me. 

This pendant - part of the Pebbles Series - is unique, individually designed and handmade in my Norfolk studio.  My work highlights the beauty of glass and the way that it reflects colour, light and texture.

I work with glass elements in a cold state which I cut, smash, reform, assemble and manipulate before firing and fusing them in a kiln. The different types of glass that I use include sheet, frits, confetti, stringers and paint.

My aim in creating the Pebbles Series is to create miniature works of art that are affordable, unusual and fun to wear.

The drop of the pendants range from 4 to 5cms/ 1.5 to 2inches and come with a silver chain. The pendant is packed in a good quality fuschia pink presentation sleeve with an artist's information tag.

Please visit for more information about me, Susan Purser Hope, and my work.