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Susan Purser Hope

After many years running my own interior design consultancy working on commercial scale projects such as hotels, hospitals and schools, I returned to university to retrain as a glass artist.  I now concentrate on kiln formed glass creating collaborative community projects, architectural installations and personal statement glass artwork.


Having lived in urban settings mainly in London and the Midlands, I relocated to North Norfolk five years ago to fulfill a lifetime's ambition of living by the sea.  I now live surrounded by wild seas, huge skies, sweeping fields, verdant woodland and extraodinary churches.  This environment has greatly influenced my work along with the iconic forms of old-fashioned entertainment such as the Water Circus in Great Yarmouth and the end-of-pier summer shows in Cromer.


i work with glass elements in a cold state which I assemble and manipulate before firing and fusing them together in a kiln.  The different types of glass that I use include sheet, frits, confetti, stringers and paint.  Each piece of work involves a number of stages and firings in order to construct the completed piece of artwork.


I have joined Arcadela to share my passion for glass and to offer everyone the opportunity of owning original and affordable pieces of glass artwork which are unusual and fun to own.  I hope you like them!